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Metro Park Info.

Where and how to pay Water, Electricity and Internet Bills

สถานที่จ่ายและวิธีการจ่าย ค่าน้ำ, ค่าไฟ และค่าอินเตอร์เนท Electricity Bills: The meter reading is done in first week of every month. Normally between 2nd to 5th of every month. Then the bill is send to each mail box between 10th to 12th. As soon as we get the bill, we need to pay immediately at 7-Eleven. They (at 7-Eleven) […]

Computer, Kindergarten, Schools & Universities

คอมพิวเตอร์, อนุบาล, โรงเรียน และมหาวิทยาลัย These all information are not granted by us. Computer Repairs: 083-753-6520 Kindergarten Nearby: School Nearby: British Colombian 2Km Te: Universities: Siam University 2km Tel:

Carpet, Curtains & Sun Protective Film

พรม, ผ้าม่าน และ ฟิล์มกันแดด For all these services you can call to Mr. Surapong at 089-494-1946. He can provide all type of Carpets, Chicks, Films, Curtains, wall papers, at reasonable prices.

Internet & Telephone/อินเตอร์เนท และ โทรศัพท์

At present the Internet and Land line connection is only provided by TOT and it’s come with package of  internet. We use internet or not, we need to pay for modam and all. It cost all together about 3,000 baht at once and then monthly charges as per the speed we choose. For more updated […]

Cleaning and Maid Service/บริการทำความสะอาด และแม่บ้าน

There are many service providers now. We have listed below,  some of then so you can talk to any of them. For cleaning (daily, Weekly) service or Maid service please contact at: Miss Kan 086-312-0445 02-454-5647 or 085-351-6852

Water, Electricity, Telephone, Internet & Maintenance fee

Water Supply Charges: Now it is supply by building management @ 18 Baht per unit. But now new management team has promised to make it at only 10.50 Baht per unit only. This is much cheaper then many condos. Electricity Charges: In Metro Park Sathorn, Electricity supply is directly by government and we have to […]