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Water, Electricity, Telephone, Internet & Maintenance fee

Water Supply Charges:

Now it is supply by building management @ 18 Baht per unit. But now new management team has promised to make it at only 10.50 Baht per unit only. This is much cheaper then many condos.

Electricity Charges:

In Metro Park Sathorn, Electricity supply is directly by government and we have to pay directly @ only 3.00 Baht per unit. Now a days many condos have sub meter and the owner/Developer charged their own price and that is much more then the government’s.

Telephone or Internet:

At Metro Park Sathorn we can only have telephone line or internet from TOT. They have already fixed the lines there. The installation fee for telephone/internet is 2,675.00 Baht. In this price, we may have free modem for internet or only telephone line. The monthly charge for only telephone line is 7.00 Baht per month. For internet we can choose WI-fie or with Modem. The monthly charge is 580 Baht per month for the speed of 1Mbps to 3Mbps. It is fixed price.

The TOT also provide the wireless internet. For this we can buy the card from building management. It is available in 30 or 40 etc hours.

Here also, the new management team says that they will try to figure out better then present.

Maintenance Fee:

The Maintenance fee at the Metro Park Sathorn is 25 Baht per Square meter. In this all the security guards, Cleaning, Water and electricity of common areas. Maintenance of Swimming pool and garden etc. For the rental condos, Maintenance fees is paid by owners.

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  1. William says:

    I am moving within the next month or two. I am interested in MetroPark, want the two bedroom with at least 57sqm. Please feel free to call me.


  2. William says:

    Interested am moving soon, retired and live in Bangkok.

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