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Laundry and cleaning services

At the metropark sathorn have all the facilities of Laundry and cleaning etc. Since there are many service providers, you can get the best prices. Mostly all  the residents leaving the are working persons, therefore they does not have enough time to do the cleaning and Laundry work. So this is best solution to use your free time to other entertainment things.

If someone do the laundry in home, they have to do ironing by themself. So to get the rid of ironing and buying all the equipments, paying electricity bill etc., it is much easy to give out. The most importent thing is we creat the job to comunity and bring apportunities to house wifes, leaving in that are.

There are many servise providers who charge 800 Baht per month (for 60 pcs). They also provide the hand wash and other services. It is very easy.

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